The Working World Virtual Exhibition

Will be live on 12 to 14 August 2020

Working World Exhibition (WWE)
Wed, Aug 12
Aug 12, 7:00 AM GMT+2 – Aug 14, 5:00 PM GMT+2

Nowadays security is a big issue and when hosting an online event you want to ensure with utmost confidence that your business clients are guaranteed a safe platform where they will be communicating sensitive business information.

So we have dedicated a lot of time and effort to create a platform that provides a safe and secure environment to meet virtually and do business.

Online events can be used to both generate new business leads as well as to communicate and revitalise relationships with existing clients. It is the prefect platform to communicate relevant information to press and media in a controlled environment. Here, information is transmitted via pre-recorded or completely interactive video streams within unique environments or at virtual screens, booths or stands. Direct interaction with clients, partners, sponsors and media is possible through public group or private chats.

While physical and virtual events offer a completely different experience altogether, they essentially offer the same objectives, to gather relevant information and meet individuals thereby forging relationships that lead to potential future business. This means that a well planned and executed virtual event can completely replace a physical event. 


Virtual extends the life of your event beyond the physical and a virtual event can be re-launched live numerous times before or after the physical event.

You might run a physical and virtual event in tandem and reach a much wider global audience this way, or you may decide to run an event completely virtual as the new norm of doing business and interacting has evolved to a point where the need to fly half way around the world to meet someone seems nonsensical, time wasting and very costly.

Virtual events allow companies to extend the reach of events, to contribute to a sustainable greener economy, and to dramatically reduce event costs.

Within this Digital Exhibition exhibitors can fully showcase their services or products with rich content that allows attendees to access and explore their offerings in the comfort of their homes. We have created the platform that allows exhibitors to promote their products or services at their custom virtual booths.

Engage prospects with a Virtual Event that is easy to use and navigate through.

Our floor plans are designed in such a manner that the flow allows visitors to view every booth/stand without the frustration of getting lost or losing direction.

Our virtual events are created to provide a high end fully immersive 3D experience.

Visitors can easily navigate through the communication options at each stand to gather more information, e-mail the company, voice and text chat or simply collect a digital brochure.


Measure the ROI of your Virtual Event with detailed reports and statistics such as:

The number of visitors, number of unique visitors and number of chat room interactions.

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